Creative Technologist (VR/AR/MR) at ISOdesign

Company: ISOdesign

Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Type: Full-Time
Category: Creative Coder


We are are seeking to recruit an Immersive Technologies Developer to work on an exciting new Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project that UWS (University West of Scotland) have been awarded with ISO. The KTP scheme is one of Innovate UK’s flagship innovation schemes and seeks to embed advanced visualisation and interactive knowledge (AR/VR/MR) within ISOdesign in support of international projects, giving the successful applicant an exceptional opportunity to accelerate your career in the Creative / Digital media sector.

This is a 2-year full time position and you will be an integral member of ISO’s research and development team. In addition, you will be fully supported by a cross-school team of academics from UWS Creative Media Academy, School of Engineering and Computing and UWS Immersive, a university wide project that explores how VR & AR transforms the way UWS will teach, conduct research and collaborate with creative agencies. You will help develop a number of practical applications of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

Salary: £30,000 + £4,000 development fund

How To Apply:

Job details here (ISO):

Applications are via UWS: UWS Jobs page