Front end Developer at Random Studio

Company: Random Studio

Location: Amsterdam
Type: Freelance
Category: Web Designer


Senior Front – end Developer wanted

We are looking for a sr. developer that is interested in working within a strong team on an innovative retail platform.

We are pioneering the future of retail – researching, exploring and prototyping an ecosystem that is modular, smart and merges efficiency with a high experiential value.

We are working on the store of the future – where the shopping process is personal, smooth and considered. Above all, we know that this future retail space is one that is highly inspirational; where people are invited to shape their own experience.

In order to strengthen our Tech Team of 8, we are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer to work on this highly ambitious technical undertaking.

The role requires extensive experience with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Sass, Grunt, jQuery, Backbone, RequireJS, NodeJS and Git.

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About Random Studio
Random Studio is a team of visual artists, developers and engineers, creating experiences that blur the boundaries between art, design and technology, the physical and the nonphysical.

With our work we aim to spark feelings of curiosity and wonder. We want to invite people to create, reflect and play. This is when people stop being visitors and become participants.

We work in a wide range of disciplines including web, Interactive (retail) installations, and animation. But mostly, we are interested in how different disciplines come together in the real world. As the physical space, more than any other, allows for excitement of the senses.

How To Apply:

Get in touch if you’re ready to help us –