Technical Lead at Stimulant

Company: Stimulant

Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Type: Full-Time
Category: Developer


Stimulant is regularly asked to create never-before-seen experiences with never-before-seen hardware, and we’re seeking a talented and open-minded developer to join us on this journey. We’re looking for someone with a desire to continually push the envelope and inspire our team by bringing a spirit of exploration and a fresh bag of tricks to the table, while still delivering bulletproof, thoughtfully-architected code. You’ll join an equally talented team that will challenge you in new and exciting ways, in an environment that’s filled with healthy communication, transparency, and support.

Following is a list of the sort of problems we’re often tasked with solving. We hope you’ve tackled some of these before, and have a passion to dive into the waters that are new to you:

Large-format, multi-screen, high-frame-rate user interfaces
Non-standard input methods, including touch, gesture, voice, and beyond
3D and 2D rendering of complex scenes and content
3D-sensing and computer vision
Projection mapping
Procedural graphics
Distributed real-time rendering
Particle systems
Physics simulations
GPU programming and shaders
Arduino/hardware hacking
Any number of things we’re not even aware of yet…

The technologies we use to achieve these experiences can vary as we pick the right tool for the job, our favorites these days include:

Touch Designer

Growth and learning are a core part of our ethos, and to that end we encourage and fund ongoing training and personal development, frequent outside collaboration and knowledge-sharing, open-sourcing of code, and more. On each project, you’ll work side-by-side with an inspiring and technically-minded creative team and well-organized project managers, and your opinion is valued at every step of the project. Our promise is to bring you engaging problems and great clients, and yours is to be a strong voice in which projects we take on and how we approach each solution.

While we’re always excited to fit a new personality into our equation, we’re looking for someone who has the following attributes as a baseline:

A core desire to use code to create transformative moments
An exacting attention to detail
The ability to manage multiple simultaneous projects (prior agency and/or freelance experience a plus)
Excellent oral and written communications skills
Tons of personal initiative and a desire for deep collaboration
Familiarity with various project/team collaboration tools
A portfolio of past projects and samples of code that you’re especially proud of
Professional references that you’d be comfortable having us chat with

Given the dependencies on physical hardware, this position will require a regular physical presence in our San Francisco office, as well as occasional travel for project deployments. This position is not eligible for employer visa sponsorship.

How To Apply:

Please send your résumé and portfolio to No calls, please.