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Jazz.Computer – Interactive song that responds to the direction of your scrolling

Created by Yotam Mann and Sarah Rothberg, Jazz.Computer is an interactive song which responds to the position and direction of your scrolling . Unlike traditional recorded music, it gives players the ability to participate in the music: change sections, chords, arrangements and timbres.

Jazz.Computer was built with an open source Javascript library that Yotam developed called Tone.js. Tone.js uses the Web Audio API to do realtime synthesis, playback, timing and effects in the browser. Creating an interactive song like Jazz.Computer is very different from other music production – sort of like patching together an elaborate modular synth and then letting listeners fiddle with the knobs. While the structure for the user is setup to improvise and explore, the author has no control over what happens.

Project Page | More Info | Yotam Mann | Sarah Rothberg