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3D SuperShapes [Processing]


From the creator of 2D SuperShapesReza Ali comes the 3D version of the same, a visual exploration into superformula. Besides the ability to play with parameters and explore transformations, included also are rendering/texturing options to explore possible aesthetic that can be generated from the formula.

You can download the application here for Mac, Windows and Linux or See more Renders. The application that can be used to create these shapes and render an image of them at a super high resolution (5333×2100).


  • I've build something similar but with a generalized version of the supershape formular, so you can create supertoruses and supershells too.

  • Sandocan

    Heh, how can I generate high resolution? The button save image makes only small png. Thanx for advice.

  • yeah how can you save the hi res image? amazin stuff

  • Johan Gielis

    Hello Ali,

    Getting addicted to your supershape explorer.

    I used some of your images on our website which I updated very recently (still have to fill in some blanks on the texts)

    Johan Gielis

  • Jeason

     Hi Ali

    It’s said “Could not create the Java Virtual Machine”
    I have googled around, could not find the cure.

    P.S, I am using winxp sp2.

    Any suggestions?



  • Have the same problem, Jeason, did you end up finding the cure?