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Grid [iPhone, iPad, oF, Processing]


GRID is an interactive multi-touch sound visualization for the band Mathon and the ZKM AppArtAward 2011. Created for live events, the application consists of a desktop version for realtime graphic visualization of music – created using Processing and also an iOS version for interacting with the Processing app – created using openFrameworks.

The basic appearance is based on a shape that deforms synced to an audio signal. A never ending journey through portal-like visuals, organic and technical scenes take the viewer into a surreal feeling atmosphere. Forming rapidly changing pictures out of those shapes the viewer seems to be part of electrical impulses catching short impressions of the human and his role in the universe…..

Using an iPad or an iOS capable device people can diretly interact with the music visualization. By using Multi-Touch it is possible to manipulate the camera of the desktop visualization as well as changing between different scenes. Set up is quite simple as long as your ports are generally open. Using OSC, one app talks to the other, as long as they are on the same network and your port 12000 is open. You first check the IP of your desktop, fire up the desktop app then on your iPhone or iPad go into app preferences where all app settings are listed, find GRID remote and enter the IP address of the desktop. Now launch the GRID Remote on your iOS device you are good to go.

The artwork is the result of a cooperation between the interactive arts collective Futura Epsis 1 based in Hamburg, Germany represented by Andreas Rothaug and the band Mathon from Switzerland who are responsible for the sound.

The downloads are available for: iPhone / iPad (out next week), Mac OS 10.6, Windows and Linux.

You can also get the new Mathon album “Terrestre” on iTunes or

Platform: iPhone/iPad
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99 Free
Developer: Futura Epsis 1

  • Jim_lubbers

    Where can I find the desktop app?

  • (bottom left are download links)

  • Jim_lubbers

    I missed that part. Thank you!

  • Guest

    Is a Lion-compatibility update on the way?

  • Hello! Want to test out : )
    But … the Windows version does not work : (

    When you unzip the folder, run the program
    ERROR: Windows can not find ‘jawaw.exe’

  • Simon

    Windows version doesn’t seem to be able to register a audio input? 

  • Abraham Esparza Espino Barros

    works soo nice and easy, I’m gonna be using this app for my vj breaks for bear and cary mi ipad around so people can interact with the visuals!, really nice app

  • RA

    We want 10.7 support!

  • kame31

    10.7 is supported! If you got problems with the app contact me at – btw. you need Java!

  • Jhon Malkovich

    you have to download java ;)

  • Enig’matik Media.

    i got this working the first night i installed it on mountain lion(communication between ipad and macbook pro) since then no matter what i try i cant get them to communicate, ive disabled all firewalls, tried a multitude of ip addresses, all whilst apps like lemur and touchosc are functioning perfect alongside, i was looking forward to using this for some cool projects :(

  • se-a

    Exquse me. Did you use only openframeworks to develop it on ipad/iphone, or Objective C too?