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Instaprint by Breakfast NYC – Physical Instagram prints for your home

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Few days ago BREAKFAST launched Instaprint on Kickstarter. Instaprint is a location-based photo booth that turns Instagrams into physical prints. Set the device to listen for a specific hashtag and/or location and watch as it prints out all Instagrams with those tags, comments and all.

Breakfast released a few prototypes of Instaprint last year and they have since been rented for use at various large-scale events – from store openings to product launches, even finding their way to The Grammys and Lady Gaga concerts at Madison Square Garden. Now Breakfast wants to create a consumer version of Instaprint that can be used anywhere: weddings, bars, restaurants, retail stores, large and small events, offices, and even just to have on your wall at home.

The Instaprint box has a small linux computer onboard and it hooks up to the internet wirelessly via your home or office wifi. From there it talks to their cloud servers that stores all the users accounts and pictures. On their site the owner of an Instaprint will be able to setup what Instagram pictures they want to print. The’ll be able to do things like print one-off photos and also subscribe to realtime push updates from Instagram. What this means is that a user can setup their Instaprint to print any picture that matches a specific filter criteria, such as a search keyword, a hashtag, a foursquare location or user profile. For example, you can setup your Instaprint at home to print any photos that are taken with the user account “breakfastny” and has the hashtag “#instaprint”. And because Instaprint is always online – listening to our servers, we can push the pictures to your printer the second they are taken, from anywhere in the world.

The funding raised on Kickstarter will allow BREAKFAST to refine the existing Instaprint prototype into a consumer-ready device. Supporters of the project can pre-order a Home Kit of one Instaprint for $399. For higher volume printing, multiple Instaprints can be daisy-chained together. Kits with two, three and four Instaprints are available for $749, $1049 and $1,449, respectively. For anyone that contributes without pre-ordering a device, collages of Instaprint prints are also available as a reward. If the Kickstarter project is successfully funded, the Instaprint kits will ship in early Fall 2012.

To fund the project visit it on Kickstarter.

For more information on Instaprint visit or

Photo above Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

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