Java, Linux, Mac, Windows
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IOGraphica [Mac, Windows, Linux]


Formerly known as MousePath, IOGraphica was created by Moscow designer Anatoly Zenkov to brighten up the routine work. Posting it at Flickr caused informal interest and afterward Anatoly Zenkov and his colleague Andrey Shipilov decided to evolve the app.

IOGraphica is an application that tracks your mouse movements and converts them into a single image showing all the paths you have made with your mouse. The idea is that you just run it and do your usual day stuff at the computer. Go back to IOGraph after a while and grab a nice picture of what you’ve done. Besides the mouse path, the application also tracks your idle time, displaying it as circles of varying radius depending of how much time you spent away from the computer. You can either use blank canvas or tell application to capture your current desktop as an underlay.

Find out more info + download Mac, Windows or Linux (java) versions of the app, see