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Maya – Modeling [Tutorial]


Welcome to the second of five video tutorials in Autodesk Maya, an award-winning 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, and rendering application for Mac, Windows and Linux.

This week we look at the basics of Polygon and Nurb modeling.

If you have missed our previous tutorials you can view them by clicking on the appropriate link below.

1. Interface Overview | 2. Modeling | 3. Rendering | 4. Animation | 5. Dynamics.

You can download the 30-Day Trial of Maya here.
For more tutorials on Maya see
Note also that Maya has extensive help files which can be accessed using your web browser here.


Subjects briefly covered in this tutorial are:

About Polygon Modeling
Primitive Objects
Extrude Polygons
Splitting Polygons
Subdiv Proxy
About Nurb Modeling
Curves along Surfaces
Loft Curves
Hypergraph / Procedural Modeling

Length: 30 min

Please enjoy the video and if you have any questions, feel free to post comments below.

Posted on: 04/05/2009

Posted in: Linux, Mac, Tutorials, Windows

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    • jacob

      how do you move the selected edge along the axis without wrecking the shape of the object

    • SwatiThakur

      plz tell me how to get removed menu bars back on viewport

    • Yogesh S Jj

      how to make car

    • Bear

      same question, how do you move the selected edge along the axis without wrecking the shape of the object? And how are you able to seamlessly change the camera angle during the demo so quickly?

    • bergamasque

      Off-topic, but you have a delightful accent.

    • nana

      hold alt then press the middle button to pan. hold alt and left click to move perspective, and right click zooms in and out

    • Peterli

      very good videos for maya modelling