Java, Linux, Processing, Windows
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Overbug [Processing, Java, Sound]


Created by Hiroshi Matoba, Overbug is a music-performance tool designed to compose Minimal and Dance Music. Through looping and newly arranging sound patterns, the program creates complex, polyrhythmic sounds.

Overbug differs from conventional linear controlled music sequencers, which arrange the sound into a linear timeline from left to right. In Overbug is the sound arrangement of the repeating music loops equal to the visual abstraction of circular actions which built the interface through circles.

Selected Exhibition / Performance
A.L.I.C.E Museum 2009 Opening Performance, SOMA museum of art, Seoul, South Korea
transmediale.09, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
International Festival of Electronic Art 404, Funambolo Nt/Areal, Switzerland, Basel
International Festival of Electronic Art 404, Parco di San Giovabnni, Trieste, Italy

You can download the application for Windows XP, Vista or Mac OS X with Java installed. Windows is preferred. Unfortunately, it does not run on Snow Leopard as it requires a 64bit version of jsyn Java plugin which is not available. I have tried the new Pure Java JSyn Beta but it appears that applets need to be specifically designed to use it. Maybe our Windows readers will have more luck.