Java, Mac, Windows
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Cubie [Java, Mac, Windows]



“Cubie” is a software application which uses ideas from puzzle games as interface to provide lap-top music performance. Cubie is basically played by inputting characters by typing. A text sequence input generates a music sequence, and inputting some lines makes polyphony. Clicking on the palette bar on the top-left corner, and change the current text color. Color of the text sequence inputted determine the tone color. Each of the two inputted characters which are contained in different sequences can be connected each other by mouse. When you connect them, you can exchange the flows of each sequence after the connection. You can alsoselect the rows / columns of characters and can rotate them like a rubik’s cube by dragging.

“Cubie” requires Java installed. Check the version of Java installed, and choose the right download here.

Created by a Japanese artist and sound programmer Sadam Fujioka.

(via Zach)