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DaisyDisk [Mac]

DaisyDisk 4


There are not many disk managment apps out there that have taken any spotlight lately, probably because machines Apple shifts these days come with gigabytes of storage that not many users ever fill up. Of course, it was a whole different story back when Mac OS7 or 8 were around. Some of you may remember switching on virtual memory to enable processing of that large PSD file you were working on, SyQuest drives, optical disks…. Disk space was valuable then, not so much today. Maybe the time has come for us to once again begin managing the incredible amounts of data we are creating.

Say hello to DaisyDisk, a hard drive visualization software that uses innovative info graphic techniques to show what files are occupying your hard drive.

AppStorm has a really nice write up, so you should head over there and check it out. We’ll leave you with a few screens, which are gorgeous by themselves.

Features (from the site):

Disk visualization
DaisyDisk uses sunburst visualization to display disk usage. It’s easier to read and navigate than rectangular treemaps used in other products.

Fantastic interface
Who said disk utilities have to be ugly and tangled? We strived to make DaisyDisk both easy to use and visually appealing.

Find, preview, delete
Locate a big file. Hit Space to preview its content. Right-click to reveal it in Finder. Delete the file. Done.

More than meets the eye
We took care of numerous details to make your experience with DaisyDisk as smooth as possible. And there’s more to come.

Platform: Mac
Version: N/A
Cost: $19.95 (Demo available)
Developer: daisydisk

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