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Graphic Designer Toolbox [Mac]



Created by Simon Strandgaard, Graphic Designer Toolbox is an alternative graphics editor. Instead of manipulating graphics directly as you do in Photoshop, in GDT you build blocks for bitmap and vector manipulation. Not too dissimilar from Quarz Composer, GDT allows you to create generative artworks using visual object based programming. It’s all created realtime, non destructive and easy to learn.

You start out with an empty grid, insert a Photo building block, combine with many other effector blocks and adjust the parameter. The great thing is that you can create assets. In other words, you have made this cool web button out of a few building blocks but at some point you need a variation of this button. All you have to do is to copy it and adjust a few parameters. Within seconds you have your new button.

Whilst i haven’t yet had a chance to play with the app properly, it does nevertheless sound like a great way to remove yourself from the traditions of thinking about image graphically and more about construction. If the process is as important for you as the final outcome, you should definitely give Graphic Designer Toolbox a go. A demo version is available and the full version will cost you $42.94 (€29.95).

Graphic Designer Toolbox