Mac, openFrameworks, Windows
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‘Unsigned Mirror’ lets your burn images using slit-scan

unsignedmirror_02 copy


Created by Unsigned Long Long, Unsigned Mirror is an application for Mac and Windows, created using openFrameworks, that allows you to create a slit-scan image by dragging image(s) onto the mirror object in the window. The mirror also shows you as an overlay via the webcam which can also be used as a source image. You can rotate and move images while they are being slit scanned and since the scene is setup in 3d you can rotate and adjust the view while the *burning is taking place.

Once you decide you are happy with what you created, you can save it as a single image, ie output of the mirror (see white background image below).

Project Page + Download (Mac/Windows) | Unsigned Long Long


  • Настя Теплова

    the import and safe does not work properly on win…. i cannot save images

  • da_gagnon

    You can do slit-scan effect using ScanCamera too… and now it is possible to perform slit-scan on a video imported from your camera roll!