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BOSOZOKU – DUB-Russell x Yasuyuki Yoshida

Created by DUB-Russell (Music) and Yasuyuki Yoshida (Visuals) and produced by BRDG in Tokyo, BOSOZOKU is music video that combines beats and grains of sound texture created with Max/MSP and cut and paste generative video assemblage using TouchDesigner.

DUB-Russell’s MaxMSP patch sends OSC messages to Yoshida’s TouchDesigner program, designed around a loose/arbitrary connection between visual & sound so that Yoshida can manually process his sampling-based visuals within his program. Yoshida’s performances usually include him patching (re-programming) in realtime.

The title BOSOZOKU is a indirect reference to William Gibson’s days in Canada before his “Neuromancer” triology and Montréal’s soul Godspeed You! Black Emperor (a band, an organic collective), and it literally represents DUB-Russell & Yoshida’s realtime patching, described by BRDG as almost-run-out-of-audiovisual-control style.

The duo usually distribute the patch with their EP on Bandcamp. You can get the zip archive of their “HSU002” software itself, and play it as standalone software without installing the Max/MSP runtime environment – tmp linky.

DUB-RussellYasuyuki Yoshida | BRDG | May 16 2015 live at ELEKTRA 16 / Montreal

Performer : Shizu Mizuno / Illustration : Shizu Mizuno, hima:// / Camera : Yusaku Aoki

“HSU002” Software:

Yasuyuki Yoshida previous work with BRDG:

  • Patrick Henning

    It would be a good idea to include an epilepsy warning, there’s a lot of flashing red!