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data.anatomy [civic] by Ryoji Ikeda – Berlin – 19 April – 1st May

data.anatomy [civic]_01

data.anatomy [civic] is a new audiovisual installation by Ryoji Ikeda, arising from a unique collaboration with Mitsuru Kariya, the development leader of the new Honda Civic.

Exhibited as a 3-screen video projection, data.anatomy [civic] immerses viewers in an intricate yet vast audiovisual composition derived from the entire data set of the car. See video below.

19 April – 1st May / Kraftwerk, Berlin

data.anatomy [civic] is driven by Apple computers, which feed three projectiondesign F32 projectors. These have a brightness of up to 8000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 7500:1, providing the necessary ‘wow’ factor for a work that’s predominantly monotone.

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  • nono

    i saw they installation today and as all his work it is beautiful but at the end its really really flat. they talk in the description about a close  collaboration. as far as i could see it, it was just an animated modell of the advertised car in combination of the typical ikeda sound.
    So at the end its nice advertising without any message …  … and its for free.

  • What’s that nono? The car advertisement doesn’t have any soul?  

  • nono

    oh no. thats not what i said. i just pointed out that in my opinion this project is flat and that its an advertising for a car. so in this case one could almost state what you said. a generalisation about car advertising would be pretentious…