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Dazzled [Cinder, MaxMSP]


Created by David DalmazzoDazzled Project is an attempt to compose a generative particle environment that could at the same time create structures and sounds. The application uses both MaxMSP and Cinder via OSC bridge allowing sounds generated from max be fed directly into Cinder app which generates the visuals.

I would like to program patterns and physics simulations with the aim to compose music structures that has a direct representation on a formal shape. One of the influences for this project was some examples that Robert Hodgin like Solar Rework. But in this case the idea is not to have a sound reactive visuals, but visuals that create a generative sound and music compositions.

David writes that the videos below are just the first part of the project. He is also planning to add rhythmic patterns based on constant rebounds or elastic connections between particles. Dazzled Project was supported by Generalitat de Catalunya.

Project Page

David Dalmazzo is a musician and digital visual artist oriented to interactive audiovisual composition. Focus on live performance and dedicated to the investigation on informatics tools that contribute narrative and composite elements to the scenic arts.

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