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Ground [MaxMSP, Sound]

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‘Ground’ is the new audiovisual installation by Ryoichi Kurokawa. Full screen recommended.

2011, 3 HD displays | 3.1ch multi sound, Duration: 12’00” Loop.

Festival EXIT  |  Maison des Arts  |  Créteil |  2011  

Ryoichi Kurokawa is an Japanese artist. His works take on multiple forms such as concert piece, screening works, recordings and installation. These works are shown at international festivals and museums including Tate Modern[UK], Venice Biennale[IT], ARS Electronica[AT], Transmediale[DE], Mutek[CA] and Sonar[ES].

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  • this is fantastic…excellent use of visual gestures and juxtaposition 

  • Anonymous

    This is really beautiful. Love it