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illucia [Processing, MaxMSP]


illucia is a OSC based codebending instrument by Chris Novello aka paperkettle. It is a USB device with physical jacks that correspond to software patch points, which can be connected and disconnected using patch cables. It is also a console for routing information between computer programs, and strives to create relationships across systems that don’t usually interact. Chris has already designed a number of applications that interact with the console, some using Processing, others using MaxMSP. Whilst the applications themselves are quite simple they are nevertheless means to raise questions how controlling a particular application via a specific interface can change the experience of it.

For now, there are four applications Chris intends to release as downloadables. Even though they still require the Illucia console to experience fully, they are OSC based to they can be controlled via any OSC interface including a number of iPhone/iPad/Android applications already available.

The four existing applications for illucia are (see video):
·PCO (Paddle Controlled Oscillator): a classic ball and paddle game. When pushed, it morphs into a function generator and spills abstract art.
·Soviet Life Sequencer: falling Tetromino pieces generate step sequencer patterns, all remixable by Conway’s Game of Life.
·War Machine: a crosshair blasts colorful explosions into a dense nest of shoots that approach from above
·Pile of Secrets: a codebendable text editor

More videos and deeper documentation is on the way… In the meantime you can follow on Twitter or FB for more information.

Project Page

(Thanks Chris)

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    Sooo…. How is this different than conditional control structures that either execute or don’t based on the input from the control device?

    A branching flow of executable code based on if statements, conditional loops, case switches and other such that evaluate logical statements about the attached keyboards/buttons/switches, etc. that give binary input values (as opposed to continuous or ranged values provided by something like a joystick or mouse).

    I’m not saying this doesn’t look like a fun project with an interesting interface gadget, but I don’t see how this “codebending” is being characterized as something new and different?