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N3-D Demo [openFrameworks, MaxMSP, Objects]


Guys at the Aircord lab have just added a very interesting movie clip to our group on Vimeo. The video shows a ‘pyramid shaped screen’ objects with ‘special film’ applied to it. Once an iPad is placed on top of it, running a multiscreen application, a 3D illusion of the object is created, as if they exists in real 3D space. The object can be viewed from multiple angles resulting in real 3D illusion to naked eye.

The multiscreen application on the iPad is made using openFrameworks. The other parts such as the sound reactive examples were made using MaxMSP (download footage files:

See movie below.

  • Stphnmnslw

    THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  • Wow :-)

  • Ricardo Nájera

    Awesome! :)

  • but how does it work?

  • Sldkfjdlfkj

    pron will never be the same

  • ian

    just the ipad or any tablet?

  • Grajo

    Yo uiero uno pero yaaaaa

  • What is the “secret” holographic film that they are referring?

  • Me

    Probably less impressive seen with two eyes than one camera lens …

  • Wow!Really impressive.thanks.

  • it’s a nice demo.thanks for sharing .

  • THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!



  • Hayleywalker55


  • what is a “special film” ??????

  • Yann42

    Can it be that the “special film” they are using is simply a half reflective mirror… so that it reflects the images coming from the i pad but you still can see through the glass.!?

  • Yes Yann, thats exactly what is most probably is – Peppers Ghost technique.

  • yes what is the film?

  • Erick

    Where can I find the special film? I need it peqse.

  • Sghaier

    Well Done!

    How to create a multiscreen video (which software to use)?

    thank you