Arduino, MaxMSP, Objects, Sound
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Skube – Tangible interface to & Spotify Radio

Skube_tangible_interface_to_lastfm_spotify_01 copy

Created by Andrew Nip, Ruben van de Vleuten, Malthe Borch, and Andrew Spitz, Skube is a music player that allows you to discover and share music by physically interacting with custom designed cubes which act as an interface to and Spotify.

Two modes are included, dependant on the objects orientation, Playlist and Discovery. Playlist plays the tracks on your Skube, while Discovery looks for tracks similar to the ones on your Skube so you can discover new music that still fits your taste. When Skubes are connected together, they act as one player that shuffles between all the playlists. You can control the system as a whole using any Skube.

To create the boxes, solidworks was used to design the objects and MaxMSP to coordinate the Skubes through a custom network. XBees allow the cubes to communicate wirelessly and each Skube has an Arduino inside of it. To play and manage the music Spotify and APIs are accessed using MaxMSP. Arduino manaes all sensor inputs and outputs and an FM module plays and syncs the music between all the Skubes. Reed switches and magnets detect which Skubes are physically connected and Piezos detect the single tap to play/pause and the double tap for skipping.

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