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Superposition – Cybernetic system of energy exchange between the physical and the virtual

Created by Marios Athanasiou and commissioned by the Arebyte Gallery (curated by Nimrod Vardi), Superposition is an installation representing a cybernetic system of energy exchange between the physical and the virtual where energy exists on both physical and virtual realms at the same time in a state of superposition.

In our settled, common world the object is solid, unique and can only exist in one place at a time. In the quantum world however the rules change: an object consists of instances of energy, it dispenses with its identity and becomes part of a common unity. Correspondingly, in the virtual world the object is released from the tyranny of matter and can be distributed along the internet free from the constrains of time.

The installation includes a black cube with an acrylic tank filled with green UV reactive liquid. UV lights placed in the cube cause the liquid to emit light so upon entering the cube the visitor perceives the liquid as if it is hovering in space. Transducers placed underneath the tank cause the liquid to vibrate creating harmonic visual patterns on the surface of the water. Water sensors placed inside the tank register the ripples created by the transducers and translate the information into computer code that in turn creates virtual waves in a virtual water tank that can be accessed at The virtual waves from the virtual water tank are then translated into sound that cause the liquid to vibrate through the transducers thus creating a cybernetic feedback loop of energy in a constant flux of transformation.

Created using water sensors, speakers, Max MSP, javascript, WebGL, node.js and express.js.

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