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The Infinite Adventure Machine [MaxMSP, iPad]


The Infinite Adventure Machine by David Benqué is a computer program which generates fairy-tale plots. Based on the work of Vladimir Propp, who reduced the structure of russian folk-tales to 31 basic functions, the project addresses the difficulties of automatic story generation which David explains remain an unsolved problem for computer science.

The Infinite Adventure Machine questions these limitations as well as implications of programming language and narrative by exploring links between imagination and computation. The software invites users to improvise, filling the gaps of the story by making up for the technology’s shortcomings.

“Stories are the way we grasp information and integrate it within the context of our lives. In a world where science is progressing at an exponential pace, my practice of design aims to craft subtle and engaging scenarios at the intersection between science and society. Using a wide variety of media from three dimensional models to illustrations and video, and by collaborating with other disciplines, scientific and artistic, I aim to encourage the public to question and re-assess their relationships to science and technology.”

Prototype created with MaxMSP.

The project will be showcased at the Cité de la Mode et du Design in Paris, as part of a specific program called GLITCHFICTION for Paris Design Week.

Videos after the jump.

Commissioned by:
Microsoft Research, Cambridge UK
Design Interactions, Royal College of Art, London UK
as part of the Future of Writing project

David Is a designer and researcher working in London, UK. He holds an MA from the Design Interactions department at the Royal College of Art and a BA in graphic and typographic design from the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague, Netherlands. 

(found via the creators project)

  • Christopher Johnson

    is this out yet?

  • Christopher Johnson

    is this out yet?