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Tripwire by J.M. Albert and A. Fure – A wall of strings in constant flux


Tripwire (2011) is a kinetic installation by the French visual artist Jean-Michel Albert and American composer Ashley Fure. A vertical set of 18 (or 24) elastic strings – each individually motorized and controlled via MaxMSP/Jitter – is set into an undulating motion, creating a wall of geometrical apparitions in constant flux. Fixed to a massive frame (14m L, 4.5m H, 2,5m W) and immersed in projected lights and ghostly sounds the captivating, almost holographic display becomes a “complex, synthetic form that engages the eye, the ear and the body” (Fure’s website). Visitors passing along the structure are tracked via infrared sensors at the base of the installation, their presence affecting the preprogrammed waveforms – an invitation “to manipulate, interrogate, and reflect upon the elasticity of time.” (artist statement)

Originally created for the 2011 Agora Festival (Paris) – then with 24 strings – and later shown at Nemó Festival (Paris) Tripwire will be on view at the upcoming International Digital Arts Biennial (BIAN) Montréal from May 2nd to June 2nd.

Project page: Tripwire | See more work by the two artists here: Jean-Michel Albert | Ashley Fure