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Voice Lessons [MaxMSP]

VL002 copy

Voice Lessons (2011) by John Keston is an electronic, audio device that interrogates the popular myth that every musical instrument imitates the human voice. Touching the screen allows the participant to manipulate the visuals and vocalizations of the “voice teacher” as he recites vocal warm up exercises.

John describes the piece “in the space between a musical instrument and voice lesson”. Developed using MaxMSP, the installation allows you to move the touch point left, right, up, and down to explore both visual and auditory possibilities. Rapid high pitched loops occur while touching near the top of the screen while lower pitched longer loops are heard near the bottom.

The actor you see in the video, also named John Keston, is actually John’s retired father who became a voice teacher after a long career on stage in plays, operas, and musicals with the Royal Shakespeare Company in our native country England and abroad.

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