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A Manual for Urban Projection (MUP) by Ali Momeni — Kickstarter

MUP is a guide for people projecting images in public places, providing concepts, tools, resources, and recipes for urban projection. The project is currently looking for support via Kickstarter.

A Manual for Urban Projection (MUP) is an introduction to the theories, strategies, tools, and recipes for Urban Projection. It’s a resource for novices and experts alike to learn about urban projection from the ground up. The printed book is accompanied by online resources, and together they encourage dialogue, imagination, and collaboration around urban projection. MUP in print is designed to be carried around and photocopied for easy collaborative learning and planning. It includes a hands-on brainstorming tool made up of graphic paper tear outs. MUP Online provides up-to-date guides for choosing the right gear as well as links to many urban projection examples that can inspire your future projects.

Support on KickstarterAli Momeni and Stephanie Sherman

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