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Artists in Laboratories (#A.I.L) – Regine Debatty

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We have already seen what CAN would be like if it was a magazine but what about Radio? Well, we are quite confident that if we ever did that, Artists in Laboratories on ResonanceFM by our dear friend Regine Debatty from WeMakeMoneyNotArt would make a perfect precedent.

(image above Koen Vanmechelen – via)

Regine Debatty reports from the bleeding edge of art made possible by advances in scientific technologies, each week in conversation with an artist, a hacker, a designer or a scientist discussing creative ways to explore science and technology.

Here is just a small selection of recent interviews:

Jonah Brucker-Cohen talks to us about hacking, about the joys and perils of social media and about the art of designing critical networks. We’ll also examine some of his own works that range from the “Wifi Liberator” to “America’s Got No Talent”.

Artist John O’Shea and Professor John Hunt from Liverpool University talk about Pigs Bladder Football, a work that looks back at the time when football balls were made from pigs bladder. For the project, however, the artist collaborated with a group of scientists to replicate the techniques used to create artificial human organs and engineer balls using animal cells harvested from abattoir waste.

In this episode of #A.I.L. (Artists in Laboratories), Régine Debatty meets 4 new graduates from Design Interactions, the department of the Royal College of Art that specifically investigates the social, political and ethical impacts of the latest advances in technology and science. Joseph Popper proposes to send someone on a one-way ticket to deep space, Neil Usher has designed a robot able to spot faces in the clouds, Shing Tat Chung investigates a world where bankers and estate agents give free rein to their superstitions and Tobias Revell explores how a banking ship operating 24/7 in the Arctic could further deregulate the world of finance.

This episode’s guest is Ruairi Glynn, an artist, architect, curator and a lecturer in Interactive Architecture at Bartlett. We’ll be talking interactivity and machine with a mind of their own and illustrate these issues with Fearful Symmetries, the gigantic robotic installation he showed at Tate Tank over the Summer.

And many more here: Artists in Laboratories (#A.I.L) on Soundcloud