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Atomic Recycling by Alexandra Gavrilova / Stain

Latest work by Alexandra Gavrilova / Stain from HEAD Geneva – done in collaboration with CERN Idea Square.

In consequence of using annihilation, most of physical matter has disappeared. So, there is no material for production of new things. To maintain stability of life, Atomic Recycling system was created. It allows users to process waste matter (except biological substances) to new objects. Recyclers work by reassembling existing elements and creating required ones using plasma fusion. Probability of fusion to heavier nuclei is very low, so the process can take a long period of time. Then materials are sequenced to print final item.

Tutors – Dominic Robson, James Auger
thanks to CERN scientists, especially Vladimir Gavrilov and Hugo Day for inspiration

Concept, graphics – Alexandra Gavrilova / model – Anna Yudakova / camera, sound, video – Sergey Titov, Pavel Hrustalev

Stain / Vimeo /via Prosthetic Knowledge

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