Call for Entries: ZKM’s App Art Award 2016

iOS and Android developers take note: once again, the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (and partners) is honouring forward-thinking applications that push the boundaries of mobile devices and how we engage with emerging technologies with the 6th annual AppArtAward. Winning entries in each of the five award categories – Artistic Innovation, Connected Art, Virtual Reality, Art + Experience, Sharing (more info below) — are rewarded with 10,000 EUR. See last year’s winners here: AppArtAward 2015.

Submit your app here until May 23rd. The award ceremony will take place at the ZKM on July 15th, 2016.

AppArtAward 2016 categories (as per the award website):

→ Artistic Innovation: New technologies create new fields of social, economic, and artistic action. “The Artistic Innovation Prize” addresses all creative, innovative app developments that make use of the creative scope of the medium as a whole.

→ Connected Art: The aim of the ‘Internet of Things’ is to minimize the information gap between the real and virtual worlds. “Connected App Art” is looking for new ideas and solutions for the challenge of IoT (e.g. Smart Home Systems) and “Wearables” (use of smartphones with everyday objects, which are equipped with processors, sensors, network technology etc.).

→ Virtual Reality: With the increased use of VR, there is talk in the media this year of a “Year of VR”. The VR AppArtAward focuses on the interactions and artistic design of a virtual room, with the emphasis on conventional VR glasses for smartphones (Google Cardboard VR, Durovis Dive, etc.).

→ Art + Experience: Today many of our experiences and interactions with the virtual world are fragmented across the devices we use and still dominated by the visual interaction. How will sound, gesture and wearables influence and extend our experience as one subject that constantly traverses between the physical and virtual world? The AppArtAward for “Art + Experience” asks artists to provide first answers to how we will dissolve the physical/virtual divide and how this might impact the concept of the human subject.

→ Sharing: Sharing is a current trend in many fields. This category focuses on the motto of Sharing, Exchanging, Renting, Giving. The focus here is on the principle of the sharing economy, rather than the artistic aspect. Using instead of Owning. shareBW is an initiative from the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden-Württemberg and its partners with the goal to promote and implement fascinating ideas relating to the sharing economy, using modern information and communication technologies.

More info: App Art Award | ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe