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Call for Guest Writers on CAN [News]


CAN is growing and with the audience so should the content. We try to post once a day but preferably would love to do this way more often. At the moment we focus on released apps and previews but we would like to post news as well. Unfortunately with so much going on we really need you help.

CreativeApplications.Net would like to invite you to submit application to become our guest writer. If you think this is something you might be interested in doing, becoming a part of CAN’s team, read on.

Think you might be interested in writing reviews for CreativeApplications.Net? We’re looking for writers with a passion for creative applications. We love checking out new apps and we want you to join our team. If you don’t know much about CAN, check out our About page.

We’re looking for some guest writers that meet the following criteria:

– Have an iPhone or iPod Touch or Android based phone /and
– Have PC/Mac of reasonable specification
– Have a video camera or built in iSight or WebCam
– General knowledge of and interest in creative app development
– Are creative, involved in some form of design activity
– Someone who can write at least as good as I can (should be dead easy)
– Love all the quirky, creative, interesting and inspiring things out there.
– Time to write 1-2 posts a week but this is a pretty much commitment-free arrangement, it should be fun!

CreativeApplications.Net mainly gets you exposure but in the future $$ also we hope, plus it’s fun. We can’t pay you for writing at the moment as our expenses are just barely covered as it is. But you’ll get free apps to review, lots of them and as the site grows, we will definitely pay you for your work. Think of it as getting in early. You also get to meet some great iPhone and App developers, get beta apps to test and much more..

If you think this is something you might be interested it, get familiar with our site and the types of apps we review. Pick your 2 favorite apps or projects and tell us why they are best thing since sliced bread. Don’t worry about whether we’ve written about it already this is just a test ride and we would like to hear your views.

We look forward to your messages.

  • Volodia

    once a day is fine :)