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CAN Fundraiser + New T-Shirt + Free Apps [News]

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Since it’s launch in 2008, CreativeApplications.Net has become a prime source for latest in new creative software and platforms. It continues to play an integral part in the debate about digital art and software. Inspiring thousands of visitors daily, CAN has become an institution for creative app app development. Together with a number of high profile writers, we continue to influence both online media and printed press on the direction of new media and digital arts.

We are 3 years old tomorrow and to celebrate we are running a fundraiser. CAN takes 300+ hours a month to curate & edit, between the blog, Twitter and Facebook. Please help!

We kindly ask you that if you find any joy & value in CAN, please consider a modest donation by clicking on the PayPal button below..

All your donations go to CAN, for development and to continue to bring you great content.

Even better, every donation equal to or over $35 will receive CAN logo shirt – new dark grey style with light grey logo. The t-shirts will go to print in November, with estimated delivery before Christmas (all via our partner Once you have made the donation we will get in touch with you for desired t-shirt size and your postal details. P&P is included. (New CAN T-Shirt is only available through donations until October 31st).

UPDATE 07/10/2011: Tshirt are available in both Male and Female models.

…and as a thank you we are making all the CAN apps free for only one day. The special price starts at midnight on the 5th October around the world ending the day after. Here is what’s included:

SpringMesh by Ricardo Sanchez $1.99 Free
Interactive cloth for iPhone and iPad you can twist, pull and deform using multitouch or gravity.

SKTCH for iPad and iPhone by Filip Visnjic $1.99  Free
Generative drawing application for iPhone and iPad using 16 presets created by digital artists around the globe.

Voidie by Francis Lam $1.99 Free
Voidie is an abstract depiction of the Great Void for iPad and iPhone using a particle system which reacts to sound and illustrates the activity around it.

ANE by Brendan Dawes $1.99 Free
News browser for the iPhone that uses serendipity to discover articles.

asdfbmp by Kim Asendorf $1.99 Free
1bit Bitmaps are a special kind of art. Shuffle the pixels, play with them on your iPhone!

RetroScreen by Mike Tucker $1.99 Free
Inspired by the screensavers of an older generation, RetroScreen is an interactive incarnation designed for the iPad and iPhone.

Thank you!

  • Glad you are still going, a must read for anyone in this field. I hope my donations helps a little.

  • Congratulations for all the great work you´ve been doing , hope my little contribution helps !!!!

  • Keep up the great work!

  • No girly t-shirts? :o

  • of course! When we send out emails requesting postal address we will also ask for tshirt size and model, ie M/F. Thanks Sammy.

  • sb^

    Are you shipping shirts abroad?

  • Yep :) P&P included.

  • Kent

    Glad to support CAN. 

  • Kent

    … and I’m really looking forward to rock that awesome t-shirt.