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Choreographic Coding Labs in New York (27–31 Aug) and Los Angeles (14–19 Sept)

The next two Choreographic Coding Lab sessions, 27–31 August in New York and 14–19 September in Los Angeles, are open for applications.

A Choreographic Coding Lab brings together movement hackers and practitioners to discuss and work on projects, ideas and challenges. In a hackathon-like, 5-day long, peer-to-peer setting the participants will be able to dive into high quality dance data and exchange with visiting professional contemporary dancers and choreographers. Each lab has several occasions for thought sharing and getting to know each other. Lectures and visiting professionals from the field will enrich the week with their impulses. This unique situation allows for exchange on a high but still experimental level and was set up for the creative coding community to get to know and interact with choreographic thinking. Through the previous three CCLs a small community of choreographic coders has formed which led to an ongoing exchange and emergence of new collaborations and tools.

27–31 August, New York City

The 4th CCL is hosted by New York University (NYU) / ITP Tisch School of the Arts. With their reputation for fostering curiosity, supporting agile “light weight” design research and forging collaborative working pathways between disciplines, ITP/ NYU-Tisch is an ideal host for the organisation of the CCL. This CCL will take place at the new shared MAGNET space in Brooklyn, and is co-sponsored by IDM School of Engineering.

Read more and apply by June 15th here:

14–19 September, Los Angeles

The 5th CCL is hosted at the University of California, Los Angeles, by the Center for the Art of Performance (CAP UCLA) in partnership with Design Media Arts (DMA). These partners are ideal for the organization of this 5th CCL. CAP UCLA has a unique commitment to the art of performance that includes support for groundbreaking boundary crossing works between the performing arts and other fields. The DMA is world renowned for their comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to media creation that fosters individual exploration and innovative thinking. This will be the first on-campus jointly sponsored project of these two extraordinary programs.

Read more and apply by June 26th here:

The Choreographic Coding Labs are an outcome of Motion Bank, a four-year research project of The Forsythe Company focused on the creation of digital dance scores with guest choreographers. This research involved the study, documentation and analysis of unique choreographic approaches, and the datasets and tools used behind the development of the Motion Bank scores will be made available for the CCLs including an installation of Piecemeta / Piecemaker2. These systems hold and serve the data from Motion Bank and previous CCL recordings.

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