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Contemplation in the digital age – Tale of Tale’s Cathedral in the Clouds

A return to “some of our original inspirations for working with interactive media,” Cathedral-in-the-Clouds is the first ‘post-videogame’ project by (former) experimental game design studio Tale of Tales. Pitched as a virtual sanctuary for contemplation and spirituality, the project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn, the duo behind the moniker, imagine Cathedral-in-the-Clouds as an ever expanding collection of ‘living’ digital dioramas depicting 3D scenes inspired by the medieval art and religious themes the two find themselves surrounded with in their hometown of Ghent (Belgium). The individual pieces, each containing a box that houses a life-sized sculpture that refers to an ancient tale, will be available in a variety of digital formats (web, downloads, apps, video etc), or they can be explored together in a virtual cathedral via the VR headset of your choice.

Despite of being atheists, we can’t help being intensely moved by some of the religious art made during the Gothic and Renaissance period. These experiences can’t convert us to Christianity but they do make us think about universal themes as kindness, self-sacrifice, patience, empathy, love, and so on. We feel they make us better people. These experiences are intense and often accompanied by tears. And they last! They stay with us, become part of us, tremendously improve our lives on this planet.

Learn more about Cathedral-in-the-Clouds and support Tale of Tales on Kickstarter!

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  • Beard Dough

    Sadly the Tale of Tales duo have a horrendous history of botched final products and nearly-nonexistent support. It’s okay for artists to write code and create novel experiences but it is inexcusable to sell your software to the public untested, broken, with no hope to ever be fixed.

    Investor beware.

  • Felix Faire

    This has a very similar theme to “Sanctum” albeit realised quite differently.