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Ethical Machines Podcast

EthicalMachines is a series of conversations about Humans, Machines & Ethics. It aims at sparking a deeper, better informed debate about the implications of intelligent systems for society and individuals. Hosts, Roelof Pieters & Samim Winiger, explore these important topics with experts and thought leaders in a regular podcast format.

For the fifth episode of Ethical Machines, we had the pleasure of talking with Automato Farm, a design studio based in Shanghai. Automato is a collaboration between Simone Rebaudengo, Matthieu Cherubini and Saurabh Datta. In this engaging conversation we explore a wide range of topics such as: The role of designers in machine learning, desining ethical smart systems, computing ethics, humans teaching algorithms, generative design, Internet of things and more.

For past episodes see: Ethical Machines

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