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Fe₂O₃ Glyphs on Kickstarter

Created by multi-award winning typographer Craig Ward and experimental photographer Linden Gledhill,  Fe₂O₃ Glyphs is a generative ornamental typeface accompanied by a series of unique letterpress prints in a mixture of ferrofluid and Pantone ink.

To create the glyphs, small amounts of ferrofluid were placed between glass plates and subjected to vertically and horizontally spinning magnetic fields. The result is a library of complex hieroglyphics – each one as unique as a snowflake – that call to mind both indigenous markings and symbols from science fiction. These forms were traced as vectors and cast as both a working .otf typeface and also as a moveable type printing system, combinations of which will be used to create a series of one-off prints, where no arrangement of glyphs is ever repeated.

The project marries contemporary scientific process with a centuries old printing process and questions what a typeface is and what it can be. Both the prints and the .otf typeface will be available through a Kickstarter campaign, (ending on September 30th).

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