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Interactivos?’12 Dublin: Hack the City (Call for Proposals)

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Interactivos?09 – Garage Science

Interactivos?09 – Garage Science, photo: Alejandro Tamayo

A call for proposals for the upcoming instalment of Medialab-Prado’s excellent Interactivos? research platform has been posted and it looks quite promising. “Interactivos?’12 Dublin: Hack the City. Current and Future Needs” is being produced in collaboration with Science Gallery to facilitate the production of projects that engage urban infrastructure and discourse. The key questions being asked by this endeavour are how can the urban environment be hacked and how can artists and technologists change the everyday experience of the city? The incubator aspires to “move citizen science out of the garage/prototype stage and onto the street” through the development of several projects over the course of a two week intensive workshop in Dublin this summer (July 11-26). The two organizations have put out a call seeking projects for development and will later be searching for collaborators.

The following text is culled from the Interactivos?12 call, where Medialab-Prado/Science Gallery describe the focus of the types of projects they are looking for:

  • Crowd Sourcing Public Data: Crowding sourcing is a means for cities citizens to improve services, however collating, mediating and providing meaningful feedback through crowd sourced data is a considerable challenge. We are seeking proposals that focus on how to crowd source data, visualize it in meaningful ways and provide feedback to both citizens and councils.
  • Wellbeing: What constitutes our sense of wellbeing in a city? Is it the way in which your street is organized, or access to resources, green spaces etc. or is it how well you know your neighbour? Within this section we are seeking proposals that address ideas focused on wellbeing, social bonds, and cohesion and community reliance.
  • Open Data Services: Over the last 18 months Dublin City Council and its local authorities have made significant advances in opening up their data. Between and the Fingal Open Data there are now 200+ datasets online. We are interested in receiving projects, which utilise this data for artistic purposes and interventions on key areas of interest including projects that focus on transport and energy.

Given there is funding available for travel and lodging and organizational support to build teams of collaborators, this is a really great opportunity to develop projects that engage the city (and few organizations can incubate projects like Medialab-Prado).  Note the various links related to the call below.

Call for Projects: Interactivos?’12 Dublin: Hack the City. Current and Future Needs
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