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New “On the Web” Section on CAN

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CAN is very selective when choosing what goes on the blog and what doesn’t. This can sometimes be a difficult task forcing us to make some hard choices. Until now we have used Twitter or Facebook to share those links to projects and news that just do not fit with the rest of the content on CAN. We are committed to delivering best on the web but this can sometimes be challenging – how to do this best. 

We all get precious about our Twitter feeds and Facebook updates. When people post too often, we are in two minds whether to continue following the person or not. If you follow CAN on either of those two sites you have probably noticed that not so many tweets are posted. This is because we believe you follow us because you want the “carefully selected content”. Unfortunately this leaves us with a lot of interesting links we want to share but not spam you when doing it. We think we have finally found a perfect solution.

“On the Web” is the new section of CAN, available from the header menu. Here we will post links to all the exciting things we find, including some of the things we have decided to share on Twitter or Facebook. Now you will have a place to go, to see all the things currently happening on the web, of course related to CAN. We hope this will provide you with more value from CAN without overloading you with thousands of tweets or facebook posts. You decide when to go and when to read it. All links go straight to source sites, nothing more, nothing less.

We hope you like it.

  • nao

    It would be nice to have a separate RSS feed for On the web section.

  • Hi Nao, yes, thats the next step. It will require some wp hacking with custom fields etc but we will work on it int he next few weeks. The great thing is thats it out there, more features to come soon.

  • You guys are using WordPress? Friggin’ awesome what you’ve done with it.