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Open Call for ACC_R Creators in Lab / 2016 / Gwangju, South Korea

Following the last years’ call and the ACT Festival we help organise and curate, we are pleased to share and support the 2016 Call for Residents at the Asian Culture Center.

Hosted by ACT Center, ‘Creators in Lab’ is a unique residency program for interdisciplinary professionals, their fields traversing visual arts, new media, sound, design, craft, architecture and technology, encouraging them to experiment transdisciplinary projects in the intersection of arts and creative industries, and to expand the boundaries of creativity.

The application period opens next Monday (16 May) and closes on Tuesday, 31 May, 2016. The center is looking for artists working in the area of Mixed Reality, Kinetic Media and Media Surface research. The programme starts in June 2016 and lasts until Dec 20, 2016 (about 6 months). You’ll have access to ACT Center’s state of the art production facilities, financial support and accommodation.

ACC Creators

ACT Center of Asia Culture Center(ACC) which plans, develops, produces and distributes new cultural contents by converging imagination of liberal arts and artistic creativity using high technology invites creators who will participate in “Creator in Lab” program.

Creators in Lab

Creators in Lab aims at building sustainable platform of creation and production through interdisciplinary collaboration between culture, art, science and technology. Its collaboration with domestic and overseas organizations of cultural art and industry offers a stream of opportunities of networking for participants to continue to create.

Application Overview

Deadline: May 31(Tues), 2016
Program Period: June 20 to Dec 20, 2016 (about 6 months)
Venue: ACT Center of the ACC, Gwangju, Korea
No. of Participants: approximately 9 for Project Lab/ 4 teams for Open Lab
Qualifiers: International and domestic producers and creators with various experiences and potential in related fields of convergence, art, media, design, craft, construction, engineering, cultural planning, etc.
Categories: Project Lab (Mixed Reality, Kinetic Media, Media Surface), Open Lab (Human, Object, Place, Free theme)


Mixed Reality Lab – to develop digital heritage contents and platform of Asian culture using VR technology VR gallery, interaction heritage contents, etc.
Kinetic Media Lab – to jointly develop kinetic media artworks contents for exhibition
Media Surface Lab – to make media facade contents for ACC square media facade contents, etc.
Open Lab – to create convergence contents and service using local cultural resources and high technology

Support and Requirement


– Shared studios (3 studios in ACT Center)
– Accommodation : only for those from outside of Gwangju (Asia Creation Studio)
– Airfare for one round-trip (Economy) : only for those from abroad
– Financial assistance : KRW 1.5 million per month (payment for individual participant of Project Lab, for each team of Open Lab participants )
Project Costs
– Project Lab : up to KRW 50 million per Lab
– Open Lab : up to KRW 30 million (per project finally selected)
※ Project costs include costs of material, labor of collaborators, presentation, etc. and must be spent only for production and realizing a project. Differential payment will be made after final deliberation of project proposal and budget proposal. The payment can be raised depending on the evaluation result of the proposal.


– Performance of joint projects, staying in Gwangju during the program period (at least 12 days a month) and using the studio.
– Submission of a monthly activity plan and report
– Participation into an ACC_R integrated program and ACT center residency program (selective)
– Participation (of all team members) into Open Lab Super Week, if Open Lab (Human, Object, Place) participants

Evaluation and Selection Timeline

→ Project Lab/Open Lab, free theme


→ Humans, Goods, Place of Open Lab


Timeline of Evaluation (temporary)

– Notification of document screening result : June 3 (Fri), 2016
– Open Lab Super Week (Humans, Goods, Places of Open Lab) : 4 days from June 7 (Tues) to June 10(Fri)
– Announcement of Successful Applicants : June 13(Mon)
※ Passed candidates of the 1st and final evaluation will be individually notified and posted on our home page.
※ Foregoing timeline can be changed depending on the circumstance of the ACC.

How to Apply

Download of the public notice & application form : homepage of the ACC (

→ Application Period: by 12 at night of May 16(Mon) to 31(Tues), 2016
→ How to: e-mail (

Documentation to be submitted:
– Application
– Project Proposal
– Portfolio: digital file (that includes brief introduction on your activities and experiences as well as image captions/ 15~20 images, files only with the extension of *.jpg, *.pdf./ video of less than 5 minutes in the format of *.avi, *.mov, *.wmv)

Inquiry: ACT Center R&C Team Telephone +82-62-601-4568 E-mail :

→ Open Call for ACC_R Creators in Lab

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