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Phōs – An interactive web-project which deals with the complexity of light, room and time

Phōs is an interactive webproject by Daria Jelonek which deals with the complexity of light, room and time. It shows 24 hours of light in different places of the world. It is both an homage to natural light and an aesthetic experience of light.

The concept behind Phōs is the installation of cameras that broadcast live, the appearance of light on the three main physical states of matter, that are substantial for the different appearance of light: liquid, gas, solid. Besides matter and time there is a third factor that determines and fulfils the appearance of light: location and view direction (aspect). Hence Phōs films light in the 4 main compass directions: north, east, south, west.

Because of cosmologic and physiologic circumstances, light changes it’s appearance from moment to moment. Visiting the website at the same time on the next day appears different.

To make this unique momentariness experienceable it is possible to interactively create a unique light picture that covers the factors of matter, compass direction and time.

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