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RMHÄR – The Nomad Institute of Augmented Creativity

RMHÄR is a Nomad Institute of Augmented Creativity. It is a new international research project that generate tailored knowledge experiences in secret spots from different cities, combining creative agencies, edge education universities and visionary studios in a singular process. The institute offers imagineering and emerging technologies courses taught by leading professionals in creative and technical disciplines.

Part of the initiative are 4 week long courses in Barcelona. The classes are held in various places located around the city, country and globe. Study in professional labs, experimental spaces, maker spaces, hacker spaces and exhibit your work while you get to know Barcelona.

Here is what’s happening in July 2015:

Future of retail / Virtual sign by Losiento and TL3.
Robot in Gastronomy / Non Gravital Food by Escriba and RIG.
Wearable Technology / Levitating Jewelry by Neclumi and Sensoree.

More info at RMHAR