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Substratum Interview Series [News]


Our friends at Interactive Things and authors of have just told us about their new pet project, called Substratum. It’s a series of inspirational interviews with some of today’s most influential designers and artists. 10 questions per interview, 2 interviews per issue, 1 issue per week until Christmas.

They started yesterday with the first issue titled “Space” containing interviews by Marius Watz and Theo Watson & Emily Gobeille. There is a total of 14 interviews in the pipeline with release on weekly basis. The complete list of names featured in Substratum remains secret, but includes people like Ben Fry, Nicholas Felton and Golan Levin.

We want to feel the pulse of the creative community working at the intersection of art, design, and science. They are restlessly weaving together the physical with the digital, turning data into meaning, and creating interactive experiences to generate inspiring insights that encourage us to challenge our own works.

For more information including some great insights see