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TEDxVancouver – Jer Thorp – The Weight of Data


In case you’ve never seen or heard our dear friend and guest writer Jer Thorp speak on stage, this is a simple must. His talk from TEDxVancouver last November is finally online. Jer talks about the summer of 1985, when his father came home with a classic Mac. Loaded on that machine was a revolutionary program called HyperCard, which for him (and thousands of others) opened a door to expressivity through programming. Jer talks about personal work as well as most recent at NYTimes.

Jer’s post on CAN from September 2009 forms the basis of his recent talks, looking at the HyperCard history, a tool for making tools, once a legacy for Apple.

For those that do not know Jer, he is a generative software artist and educator from Vancouver, Canada, currently living in New York. A former geneticist, his work explores the boundaries between science, mathematics, and art using custom-written computer programs. Thorp is currently Data Artist-in-Residence at The New York Times, the first Artist-in-Residence at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) of NYU, and a contributing editor for Wired UK.

Jer will also be speaking at Resonate, art and technology event taking place in Belgrade, Serbia in 2 weeks – curated by myself/CreativeApplications.Net.

Jer Thorp