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Ugly Dynamics – About controlling simulations / Ugly Film

Ugly Dynamics is a personal exploration/documentation by Nikita Diakur exploring the effects and control of simulated dynamics in computer software, specifically in the work produced by his studio Ugly Films.

Nikita goes through a number of examples, showing how different dynamics affect models as well as produce very unexpected results. In some cases it is simply because the system doesn’t know how to deal with the set task and in another producing a beautiful result in this alter-reality worlds dictated by these rule based systems.

Software: C4D, MotioninJoy, Control4d

The following videos are just a small selection of Nikita’s experiments. For more, check out his Vimeo page.

Nikita grew up in Moscow, where he drew nature, ships and battlefields. After finishing school in Germany, he went on to study Graphics at Central Saint Martins College and later Animation at the Royal College of Art in London. Now, Nikita works as an independent filmmaker in Mainz, Germany.

Nikita Diakur | Ugly Film

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