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YouWorkForThem – How Proce55ing typeface came to be (Sponsor)


For the second time this year we are very pleased to welcome our dear friends YouWorkForThem as the sponsors of CreativeApplications.Net. Today we share a little story about how Proce55ing typeface came to be and how the same two people, 8k miles apart, met in person by pure chance.

Some 10-12 years ago Casey Reas (Processing) was looking for someone to design the Processing typeface. Since he has been a fan of Michael Paul Young‘s and YWFT work already, he approached them to create it. In return, Casey would write some visual software experiments for a website Michael was working on. The original Processing logo, designed by Casey (the big P), was drawn around Arial, the typeface that was used on the website at the time. YWFT designed both the new Proce55ing font and improved upon the original letters with the “Alternate” version, which is what you see on the Processing website today.

So, the life went on and both Casey and Michael randomly talked here and there, but never met in person. About 4 years ago right after Michael moved to Thailand, him and his wife went back to America to visit friends and family, and along the trip they were in his home town in Tennessee to visit his dad and go to his old friends wedding. So Michael is at her wedding and all is well, having a few drinks and talking to his friends (the bride) brother, hadn’t seen him in 10 years. He is asking what Michael does and as usual Michael is having a hard time trying to explain, but it comes out to something about using computers to “make art and shit, or um graphic design”. He then gets excited and is like, really?  “You know my cousin is all into that stuff, he even teaches it or something! You guys should meet, he is here today!” So Michael and the bride’s brother walk over to another table, and her brother introduces Michael to this guy with a “busted ass beard in some vintage looking suite”. He says, Mike, this is Casey, Casey this is Mike, I think you guys should meet, it sounds like you guys are into the same thing. Instantly, a light bulb goes off in Michael’s head, and he says…Casey Reas? He said, ehhh, yeah? Michael is about spit out his brain…”wtf!”

Ten years later, Proce55ing typeface YWFT designed still stands as the visual identity for Processing. YouWorkForThem live and love and breathe design. Michael leads YWFT with Jackkrit Anantakul as Senior Art Director, Piyada Vachanaratana in marketing, Michael Madill as a copywriter, Paul Frank Young in accounts and Alpha Wayha Young in R&D. It’s a small affair but with huge reputation.

So, take some time away from your daily routine and say hello to It will change how you think about type.

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Thank you Michael + the team at YWFT!

Just few of the typefaces YWFT has on offer:

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