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A Colloidal Display – Membrane screen with transparency and 3D volume


Created by Yoichi Ochiai, Alexis Oyama and Keisuke Toyoshima, Colloidal Display is a peculiar projection screen that combines a mixture of two colloidal liquids to create a three dimensional membrane. A standard projector is directed at the bubble creates an image, which appears to be floating in the air.

The membrane screen is controlled using ultrasonic vibrations. Membrane can change its transparency and surface states depending on the scales of ultrasonic waves. The combination of the ultrasonic waves and ultra thin membranes makes more realistic, distinctive, and vivid imageries on screen. The bubble liquid is made from a mixture of sugar, glycerin, soap, surfactant, water and milk, which the designers say is not easily popped.

Project Page

Yoichi Ochiai (University of Tokyo) | Alexis Oyama (Carnegie Mellon University) | Keisuke Toyoshima (University of Tsukuba)

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  • Max Mtblanc

    This is really interesting, especially the layered projection. It’s hard to imagine any commercial application but definitely a good research project