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Beta [Objects]


Beta is a fictional prototype by Lukas Franciszkiewicz addressing media influence and the decision making shift from individual to computer. Lukas divides interaction with the computer into three needs: finding and consuming information, the use of communication and mediation, and the automation of processes. The three objects represent these, handing over decision making to the computer in the particular sphere of operation. In addition, the objects plays a part in this relationship, how it’s interacted with and the primitive instincts it promotes.

If we assume that the amount of information we feed into the grid, the computer increasingly carries more power of decision, we give up control of the technology. Output, input and process are the functions of the object and refer to the formal characteristics of the blocks. The reduction of concrete and transparent structures constitutes the possibility of the occurrence of this relationship. Motivated human irritation open the demand for a change of perspective and awareness to make restrictions. The physical change of the screen is both a break and brings with it new freedoms, but offered only a replacement of one paradigm against the other.

The project film will be exhibited at the “Körpersichten” Exhibition from 01.06. – 24.06.2011 in Kiel (www.muthesius.de).

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  • mika

    cool give me idea for Interface research 
    thank you verymuch

  • gokhankurt

    There’s a small mistake in 2:22′, the circle output object looks in hole, but at the same time, looks not in hole.