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Denki Puzzle by Yuri Suzuki + Technology Will Save Us at the Design Museum

Denki Puzzle_06 copy

Now on display at the Design Museum in London as a part of the “designers in residence program”, is the ‘Denki Puzzle’ created by japanese designer Yuri Suzuki and Technology Will Save Us. Using a kit of bespoke printed circuit board (PCB) components, the team has created a puzzle device which through the process of assembly can create fully working appliances such as a radio or a lighting system.

Yuri investigates the workings of consumer electronics. He has made a collection of working objects that attempt to demystify electronics and give the user a better understanding of how things work.


Yuri Suzuki is a sound artist, designer and electronic musician who produces work that explores the realms of sound through exquisitely designed pieces. Royal College of Art graduate of Design Products, his work raises questions of the relation between sound and people and how music and sound affect people’s mind. Suzuki’s sound art pieces and installations have been shown in exhibitions all around the world and from 2011 he is also a designer and visiting artist in Stockholm’s creative collective Teenage Engineering.

Technology Will Save Us is a London based collective that exists to educate and enable people to make and experiment creatively with technology. TWSU believes that we can all live more sustainable and more conscious lives by understanding what goes into the things we use daily, rather than simply throwing away what we no longer have use for.

Yuri Suzuki | Technology Will Save Us | Designers in Residence Program

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