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Exquisite Clock [Objects, iPhone]



Based on the idea that time is everywhere, Exquisite Clock is a clock made of numbers taken from everyday life – seen, captured and uploaded by people from all over the world. The project connects time, play and visual aesthetics. It’s about creativity, collaboration and exchange.

The exquisite clock has an online database of numbers – an exquisite database – at its core. This supplies the website and interconnected physical platforms. The online database works like a feeder that provides data to different instances of clocks in the form of the website, and installations, mobile applications, designed products and urban screens. All uploaded numbers are tagged according to a category selected by their creator, and are added to the growing database. People viewing the clock can then choose to view all types of numbers, or can make a selection to view only numbers from a specific category – a clock made of vegetables, or clouds, or garments etc.

The exquisite clock can exist as different physical installation variations, each using the numbers provided by the database. These physical installations might be LCD monitors hanging in a gallery space, tiny cellphone screens or large scale public monitors. These variations can also be reconfigured as interactive installations where users in the space also collaborate to feed images back into the database – the principle is that all instances of the exquisite clock access the single exquisite database forming a conversant network made by different perceptions of time. Already shown at a number of exhibitions, exquisite clock has taken varying shapes and sizes utilising different size monitors combined with visible circuit boards playing on the honesty of data exchange between the database and the display devices, also stripping traditional LCD computer monitors off their corporate branding shell exposing circuits boards.

To contribute to the project, take pictures of numbers, go to click on the option upload in the main menu, choose the file you want to upload, select what number you wish to upload and tag your submission accordingly. Remember to crop and save your image following the dimensions (320 x 480), file size (120kb) and copyright restrictions described in the upload page in the website.

Through the free iPhone application clock in Submit Image, select your image from a preroll or use the camera to take a new photo. After selecting the photo select the number that refer to your picture, tag and click on submit.

This project was created and developed Joao Henrique Wilbert at FABRICA in 2008. Creative Direction: Andy Cameron.

Download the free iPhone app on: