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Faith Condition 2012 by Lukas Franciszkiewicz – An ‘out-of-body’ experience..

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Faith Condition by Lukas Franciszkiewicz is a project that attempts to address the understanding and applications of technology within the religions circles of current “media society”. Lukas is interested in the transformation of religion and technological reproduction of the religious phenomenon of an ‘out-of-body’-experience. The initial aim was the manipulation of human self-perception by blurring the boundaries between the real and a virtual body. Derived from these experiments, Lukas experimented with few scenarios for a disembodied sense.

Todays‘ technologies tend to convey security and confidence rather than functional transparency. In order to its illusional potential, technology is strongly connected to mechanisms of faith and religion. Based on this awareness, I created a fictional scenario for faith-conditioning objects. The first object is a camera device which is pulled by an attached cord. It addresses the personal demand of an objective view in a world scattered with digital artefacts and acts as constant reminder of technological dependence. The user connects the device to a pedestal that invites you to kneel down – a faith-based interaction manifests itself in a technological ritual. How does implicit trust in technological products changes our behaviour and moral?

The first few series of perception-experiments included head mounted webcams, video glasses and vvvv prototyping to portray the “disembodied sense”. The later proposals include more ‘completed’ and objectified experience complemented by a film about the project.

The project including the making of is fully documented on: frnkwz.de/thingsandthoughts | See also Project Page

Lukas Franciszkiewicz is a ‘subversive’ product-based designer further interested in fields of interaction design, speculative design and conceptional products. His approach is informed by ideas that challenge the autonomy of design to extend it to its broadest contexts. Focused on research and experimental concepts, he deals with the impact of technology on human perception and behaviour. Using a wide variety of media from models to prototypes and video, he aims to encourage people to develop a critical view of their relationships with technology and design. Fiction enters his work as a tool to rethink our behaviour as a framework for dialogue.


  • That was bizarre. I like it.

  • Christoph Eichhorn

    great work, lukas, great work! thanks a lot for your thoughts about design.