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Kartograph – Drawing new geographic data over the infrastructure of old

Created by Quadrature (Jan Bernstein, Sebastian Neitsch and Juliane Götz), Kartograph is a sequel to the trio’s exploration of devices that map real time data to cultural artefacts. Whereas their previous project Satelliten maps the movement of satellites in orbit on physical maps, Kartograph updates old maps by drawing new geographic data over the infrastructure of old times using the internet.

The selections of which data is mapped  is based on the location of the machine. The starting point are old atlases and maps that conceivably used to be the main source of knowledge for information regarding countries near or far. While their purpose is increasingly overtaken by online services like Google Maps or OpenStreetMap in the last three decades, the classic paper maps are already outdated the moment they get published. Digital map services on the other hand stay valid by simply updating themselves instantly.

The process reduces the object to its mere informational value and disregards all the other levels of meaning that especially maps contain as reflections of the image we have of the world as a culture.

Kartograph overwrites the old source and thus not only demonstrates the structural changes that took place in this area since the printing of the original map but also the shift of technical systems and its social implementations.

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